Sunday, August 11, 2013

Macedonian War Test Game 4

We were able to get another game of our Dux Bellorum-Impetus mash-up rules today.

As usual we had a two Roman legions up against all the Macedonians we can muster, along with my Pergamenes as Greek allies and wahj's Gauls as Galatians.

Martin and I took the Macedonians and played to use our cavalry superiority to defeat the Roman cavalry on the wings and then take the legions in the flanks.

wahj and fg deployed with their legions offset from the centre.

An off-focus shot, but it shows the initial deployment of the two armies.
While we were able to successfully destroy the Roman cavalry, the Romans were able to redeploy their legions to face the flanks and see off our cavalry.

In the centre, the phalanx failed to move into contact on schedule.

The Gauls make their first appearance on our table, but attacking uphill, their impetus bonus was not sufficient for them to carry the position.
Eventually, the Romans managed to rout the thureophoroi guarding the flanks of the phalanxes, which sealed their fates.

The phalanxes surrounded.


Sean said...

Nice looking armies.

Phil said...

Looking like a great game with beautiful colors!

captain arjun said...

Thanks, guys.

Martin is working on more pikes and wahj and fg on more Gauls/Galatians, so hopefully we can out up an even better display.