Wednesday, August 07, 2013

More Victorian Terrain Boards

Well, I managed to make the second canal section for our Victorian terrain set-up.

It wasn't easy.

When we got to the store, fg and I found that they ran out of the 1/4" plastic tube I used for the first section, so I settled on 1/4" wooden dowels. Then while getting the dowels out of the car, I snapped them against the roof.

But I managed.

We also bought some stuff to make additional 4" wide grey board sections, which I glued some wooden knobs painted black to look like iron bollards. Placed between the basic ground sections and the canal sections, it hints at a dock. I've ordered a goods crane to add to the appearance, and some crates will also help, I think

To squeeze even more mileage out of our work, we decided to use the canal sections as bases for our train tracks too. With some thin cork sheets reinforced with duct tape and some train tracks I bought years ago, we've got our railway platform too.

That's no canal - it's a track!
fg will build a station building, and we are now wondering if it's worth the investment to buy a train...

I hope to work on the Botanical Gardens next, which will mean a trip back to the art supplies store and the local florist...

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Sean said...

Wow, I really like how you are making all this terrain multi use. Very inventive.