Saturday, December 25, 2010

New Year, New Beginning

For a start I would like to list the figures we have in the various periods and grouped in historical match-ups (arjun in blue, wahj in red, Martin in green):


15mm Hittite Empire
15mm Sea Peoples
15mm Early Mycenaean

25mm Early Mycenaean
15mm Warring States China (Zhao)
15mm Warring States (Qin)

15mm Polybian Roman
15mm Later Carthaginian
15mm Nubians
15mm Attalid Pergamene (in progress)

28mm Marian Roman

15mm Sassanid Persian
15mm Early Imperial Roman

25mm Early Imperial Roman
25mm Gladiators

Dark Age

15mm Anglo-Danish
15mm Norman/Anglo-Norman
15mm Welsh/Scots
15mm Norse-Irish
15mm Viking

28mm Late Roman
28mm Saxons


15mm Early Crusader (same as Norman)
15mm Saracen

15mm Saracen (same as above)
15mm Later (Palaeologan) Byzantine
15mm Mongol

15mm Wars of the Roses (Lancaster)
15mm Wars of the Roses (York)

28mm Wars of the Roses/Warhammer Empire


19th Century

10mm Franco-Prussian (both sides)

15mm French Napoleonic
15mm British Napoleonic and Allies

15mm Indian Mutiny (both sides)

1/1200th Ships


20mm Russian
20mm British
20mm German


25mm LOTR Dwarves
25mm LOTR Goblins
25mm Beastmen
25mm LOTR Gondor
25mm LOTR Uruk-hai
25mm LOTR Rohan

Blood Bowl Orc team
Blood Bowl Undead Egyptian team
Blood Bowl Fantasy Greek team

15mm Skeleton
15mm Fantasy War-Wagon, dragon (to match either Later Byzantine or WOTR)


3 fleets
1 fleet

6mm Space Marines

20mm Star Wars (both sides)

20mm Gear Krieg German

25mm Space Marines
25mm Space Marines
25mm Imperial Guards
25mm Droids Army

10mm European (paper)
15mm Adobe
15mm Medieval English
15mm Mediterranean (paper)
28mm Village

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