Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dystopian Fleets ship cards

One of the things I wanted to make for our Dystopian Wars - Grand Fleets 2 project (which I will call Dystopian Fleets from now) is ship cards. I wanted them to be small enough to fit onto a standard collectible card sleeve so we can use non-permanent markers over them, yet be able to hold all the information required for gameplay.

After a night of mucking around with a word processor, I managed to come up with this, with a little help from my new printer.

The British and Ottoman ships will have their own ship cards with a different coloured header and their respective ensigns; I am using the Dystopian Wars ones for now.

I was able to fit everything on one card because we standardised the gun ranges and eliminated some elements; we do lose the granularity of WW1 naval gunnery, but with something like 15 ships/flyers and 8 plane tokens to look after each turn, we have to simplify things to make the game playable in an afternoon. It will still be a bit of work keeping track of 15 ships at once, but having a stack of cards may be preferable to loose sheets of paper.

Now if only they will tell me when they are going to release the Ottoman models...

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