Sunday, March 11, 2012

On the RPG front

I don't know about you, but that manticore brings back fond memories of childhood.

I was a solo-gamebook player before I was an RPG gamer (then gamemaster) before I became a wargamer. I played RPGs regularly throughout my student days, but stopped after university. A few years ago I met Adrian through an RPG forum when Dragon Warriors was re-released, and we have been gaming since then.

I suppose nostalgia is one big part of why I still play RPGs (I still have the GrailQuest books I first bought almost 30 years ago), but like wargaming, it's the company that makes the experience worthwhile.

Anyway, in preparing for a possible RPG campaign based on "John Carter's Mars", I found out that Arion Games (which I get the paper miniatures I use in my RPGs from) is going to publish the Steve Jackson Sorcery! series as a multi-player RPG campaign.

This is really welcomed news to me because I was left hanging without the last module in the series after Myriador, which formerly had the license to the Sorcery! series abruptly closed down after releasing the first three. I have hoped to run the campaign with some friends but without a finale, it seemed pointless. Now, with Arion Games taking up the baton, I can once again hope.

The module will be in the 2nd Edition Advanced Fighting Fantasy format, but I am sure it's little work converting it into my system of choice. I'll be keeping a close eye for the release date then.


Anonymous said...

I loved and played many of these choose your own adventure type. The two that left the greatest impression was Lone Wolf and some space spy thing


captain arjun said...

I'm really quite excited about this Sorcery! release.

Maybe you can join us for a short campaign if I do it?

Right now I am hoping to do a John Carter campaign...