Saturday, February 09, 2013

Squad 7

Here they are: the seventh complete squad in my Space Marines force. While they are the fourth tactical squad in my force, they are designated as the seventh squad as, rather annoyingly, there seems to be no decals for the numerals 5 and 6.

They are not done from scratch, but bought off ebay - someone painted them in the base colour and did the weapons in silver, but probably decided he didn't want them anymore afterwards. I had to shave some mould lines off, but instead of having to assemble them from parts and priming them myself, I merely had to had prime some parts in black. Given the unpredictable performance of my spray primer these days, this is much more how I prefer to work.

A fourth tactical squad gives me more options for configuring my force. With the exception of another Space Marine captain figure (to give my captain an alternative weapons load-out) and perhaps a few scouts figures to round up the squad (hopefully the Raging Heroes kickstarter provides the necessary figures), this is probably as far as will go with this force.

Over the next few days I hope to paint up a small unit of Picts - very nice figures, those - for our Dux Britanniarum campaign.

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