Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dux Britanniarum Game 3: Raiding a Border Tower

Emboldened by his successes, Badzur decided to capture Beren, a captain in The Gondor army, to further boost his reputation.

Tipped off by his scouts, Badzur lays an ambush for Beren as he returns from patrol...

Ruk leads the Dunlending to cut Beren off from the border tower. Seeing this, Belegond leads the garrison in a sally to link up with the patrol.
As Ruk and Thargurz lead the Dunlending and goblins to block the garrison, Badzur leads the orcs in pursuit of Beren. Beren decides to go around the ruined tower to avoid them.
Badzur catches up with Beren and the dwarves!
The allies are destroyed and Beren is captured just as he is about to reach the safety of the Gondor line!

This game really showed how troop quality makes a difference. Due to the scenario set-up, I was able to place my Warriors against fg's Levies, and my Elite against his Warriors, so while our two main formations fought each other near the tower, I was able to use my Elites to achieve the mission.

Once again cards played an important role here - I was able to gain an upper hand early in the game with a Carpe Diem card, and fg nearly managed to avert disaster by playing the Hero of the Age card to raise the number of attack dice Beren had, which prevented his capture.

While the mission was a success, the margin of victory did not let me gain new recruits. I did inflict enough casualties for fg to not contest my next raid, which gives Badzur enough money to declare himself a warlord.

I am now wondering if I should declare a battle the next game to try to win myself a province, or wait until I have a definite lead... Decisions, decisions...

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