Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dux Britanniarum Games 4 and 5

The rest of the guys couldn't make game on Sunday, so fg and I played two consecutive games of our LOTR campaign.

After his string of successes, Badzur thought his next target - an isolated church - would be an easy prize... He was about to be surprised.

While the Dunlending ransack the church for loot, the allies suddenly appear!

The flank guard spots the levies closing in to cut off the orcs' retreat!

Thorgaut leads the dwarves and men and rout the orc centre.

Badzur's men (or rather orcs and goblins) flee, but he will manage to slip the tightening noose with the Dunlending, but have nothing to show for his efforts today.

fg's rolls meant his forces entered the table right on top of my looting forces and in the two rounds my orcs searched the church they couldn't find any loot. I was lucky to escape with my warlord.

We set up again and rolled the cattle raid scenario. This time, I thought I did well, moving my forces three turns before fg's forces arrive... with the grateful priest who is now part of his retinue.

Once again, Badzur is surprised by the pesky Belegon and his men.

Badzur sends the Dunlending with the livestock ahead while he organises the orcs to fend off the men.
Belegon orders the dwarves to head off the Dunlending, while he forms the men into a line of battle for the clash...

The orc charge falters before contact; the levies brace the shieldwall... and defeat the orcs!

The Dunlending fight off the orcs and drive the livestock towards the safety of the table's edge, but despite Badzur's valiant effort them men manage to catch them and recover the animals.

Two successive defeats leave me pretty much in the same position as before, but give fg two more men. I will need a bit of luck if I am to gain the upper hand... But that's the end of this campaign year and Bzur will have enough time to mull over his defeats and plot his revenge...

For this session we rushed to custome-make a set of activation cards using photos of the leader figures and a free software fg downloaded that is used to make custom Magic cards. It's quite a neat concept and we will probably do the same for future games which have a card activation system too.

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