Friday, June 21, 2013

Reaper Horned Hunter conversion

A while back I bought the Reaper Horned Hunter figure when I was getting a couple of other figures. I was hoping to use it a beastman Gor figure, but the figure is actually only the size of an Ungor, so he became the basis for a beastman Ungor hero instead. Here he is painted:

The head and the quiver of arrows are GW, and the rest the original figure.

Left view showing the gemming on the vambrace.

Right view, again showing the gemming on the vambrace

The original figure from Reaper.

Now the reason why I got the figure painted was because my plan to paint up a Prince Nuada figure to lead my beastmen warband. The figure has been sitting on my tabletop for a while now, but when I realised that I could actually field him as a god leading my beastmen as a OGAM warband, I got started.

A little reading on Wikipedia tells me that I can field the figure as Bres, a half-Fomorian, half-Sidhe king who was deposed and then allied himself with Balor - it just so happens that my beastmen wear the mark of Balor: the Evil Eye.

As with my dwarves, I only need to paint one god figure to have a ready warband. Joy.

Ungor unit.


Simon Q said...

Nicely done looks great. I actually prefer yours over the original.

captain arjun said...



I guess I'm lucky the proportions fit. The Reaper Horned Hunter's head look rather small, but the horns are impressive - I've saved the piece in my bits box.