Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dwarf Iron Guards

I acquired these figures the same time I got the other LOTR dwarves you see so often on my blog, but this is the first time you see a photo of them.

I bought the dwarves painted in a lot way back when. Unlike most of the other figures, these Iron Guard figures are metal, and already had many chips on them by the time we started playing Strandhogg regularly. Since I didn't really need them, I just kept them in a box.

A while back, I decided to refurbish them and painted over the chipped parts. Then disaster struck when I decided to protect my work with spray varnish. You can still see the frosting on the edges of the bases.

After that episode, they went back into exile in the box again.

Then yesterday, with nothing left to paint (the Reaper figures I ordered are a full month in the post by now), I took them out and re-painted them again, adding a yellow border on the hem of their surcoats.

I think they look passable now.

I've got 12 dwarven footmen from Red Box Games on order, which when painted will give me something like 80 dwarves. That should be enough to do a dwarven civil war scenario...


Ubique Matt said...

Good looking dwarves, the small details like the yellow border certainly adds to the overall look. The figures look like Dark Age warriors, little ones yes, but imposing none the less.


captain arjun said...

Thanks, Matt.

Yes, the border is a "cheap" way of making a figure look classy. :)

Sean said...

Nice. I'd love to see the Dwarven Civil War.