Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ottoman Bombers

Here is the third unit of my Dystopian Wars naval support group - the bombers.

Zuhaf Class Mine Layers

They are supposed to be mine-layers but I plan to use them as bombers. I have magnetised the basing by gluing a magnet to the hole at the underside of the model, and also a magnet to the top of a standard flight stand stem, which I then glued to the base supplied in the box.

The white balance in this photo is a bit off, but the top part of the plane is painted in the same slate grey that I use for the armour of the ships, while the underside is painted in a lighter blue-grey.

The problem with painting imaginary planes (and ships, really) is that half the time I have no idea what the bits that I am painting are supposed to represent. So far I have painted pipes and coils and decorative bits copper, and bits that are supposed to be tougher (like weapons and gears and turbine blades) white metal.

I have no idea why there are these oblique panels on the top of the plane, but I decided that I would paint my roundel there - since the panel is oblique, it can be seen from both the top and from the side. I chose the WW1 Ottoman roundel that was easiest to paint.

With this unit done, my next job is the cruisers, which are a lot larger.

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