Sunday, July 13, 2014

Eureka Gendarme as Empire General

As usual with my collection, one thing leads to another...

The general mistook the feathers meant for the horse as for his own helmet, and none of the knights dared to tell him...
After painting the Reaper Bones griffon I thought I would mount a knight on it to use as an Empire General for Warhammer. However, the WOTR figures look a little too plain for the fluff, and so I bought a Eureka Miniatures Italian Wars gendarme to play the part. The right arm comes from the Perry plastic sprue, and I puttied over the left sleeve to match the right.

As you may be able to see from the picture above, both the rider and the horse are a little smaller than the Perry plastics; I had to raise the horse on its base and also the rider on its saddle to make it look less obvious.

However, on the griffon the crest on the helmet lends the whole model some visual balance.

I have been battling a bad cough for the past four weeks, but today it looks like I am finally rid of it. Hopefully that allows me to do some work on my next unit, in between some household chores.

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