Monday, January 19, 2015

Blood Bowl Game 4

The apothecary attends to Achilles. In the background the Black Orcess feigns innocence.
First game of the year!

fg and I decided to play a weekday game of Blood Bowl.

The game was particularly bloody, and we each had one player brought back to life by our apothecaries, and at one point in the second half I was playing with 4 players down.

The orcs managed to score a touchdown in each half, while I barely managed to escape a scoreless game by passing to and then sprinting one of my Bull Centaurs to the endzone.

fg's team managed a few more advancements, while mine only managed one - this will make the next game harder for me, unless I can gain some inducement.


fatgoblin said...

went through the blog, (tags FTW), this is actually game 4

Game 1 Orcs won 2-1
Game 2 draw 0-0
Game 3 draw ?-?
Game 4 Orcs win 2-1

captain arjun said...

You are right - I think it was a 1-1 draw?

fatgoblin said...

1-1 is a very likely outcome....

btw, the expression on the doctor's face = damn funny! haha