Monday, October 26, 2015

Boardgame Weekend

We decided to have a boardgame session on Sunday, and since it was the weekend before Halloween, we played something with a spooky theme.

The first game was Super Dungeon Explore, with undead!

Yes, it's called a Grabbing Hut.!

The game components are really good, but play turned out to be a little laborious and repetitive as it was quite difficult to kill the boss monsters and zombies could be regenerated. Still, it gave fg the idea of playing chibi Frostgrave...

The second game we played was Munchkins, in the Deluxe edition which wahj had just bought. The board and cardboard standees were not essential to the game-play, but the basic game was still a lot of fun despite its age. I certainly wouldn't mind playing this again with an expansion deck or two added.

Following that we played Exploding Kittens (the NSFW edition). The game was surprisingly a lot more fun than I had expected, since I have written it off as a game with little depth that was riding on the popularity of Oatmeal to become the most funded Kickstarter ever. The mechanics are actually quite clever, and combines the excitement of defusing a bomb with the fun of throwing your friend under the bus. Definitely recommended.

Yes, there is a Zombie Cat, so this counts as a Halloween game.
Finally, here is a picture of the JSU-152 I am working on, taken from the top and in daylight, because I really like how the rust looks in this view.


Rodger said...

Exploding Kittens sounds rather interesting!

Stephen Holmes said...

The rust is really impressive