Monday, May 09, 2016

Hector and friend

Two more figures done. These represent Hector and (I suppose) his companion/charioteer - the mounted version of them were painted over a year ago. The scale armour is a treat to wash, but I am less enthusiastic about their mini-skirts and comically small swords. Next up will be Redoubt's Aeneas and Glaucus, who are depicted as Lukka - they will be used to depict the dismounted versions of the Sarpedon figure and his charioteer.


Phil said...

They look superb!

Ray Rousell said...

Lovely work!

Rodger said...

Great work!

Stephen Holmes said...

Great looking figures - nice job.

I understand that bronze age swords were considerably shorter than we see in iron and steel.
The qualities of bronze impose limuitations, with typical lengths between 60 and 80cm and occasional articles longer than 1 metre.
The Egyptians solved some of the material problems with the khopesh sword/axe shape - fatter shaft and slimmer blade.

It's far harder to know whether the longer specimens are purely ceremonial.

A final plea for the short sword party - there may be aspects of the bigger shield / shorter sword effect in play. Something to work the gaps in a shieldwall press - akin to the Roman gladius or Saxon seax.