Sunday, June 19, 2016

Redoubt Trojan War spearmen

Another week, another unit. The only good thing I can say about these figures is that at least I have only one more unit (of archers) to go and then a few casualty figures, which are really optional.

What is driving me is the fact that I love the Tribal rules and I think I will enjoy playing a Trojan War themed game (or games) with the appropriate figures. In fact, I am now wondering if it is worth paying for a couple decks of Greek mythology-themed tarot cards to use for the game, which will allow me to incorporate some themed special rules.

I am also thinking about terrain items which will add flavour to the tabletop. Baueda has some very nice Mycenaean buildings, but they are in 15mm. Any suggestion will be welcomed. Thank you.

The phalanx seen from the front

View from the figures' left, showing shield patterns. These guys must really have worried about being shot in the back...


Rodger said...

Beautiful work and great photos!

Phil said...

These shields are beautiful...And behind the shields, wonderful paint job on the minis...and behind the minis, great looking presentation...Wonderful!

Natholeon said...

These are looking fantastic. Tarot cards would be an interesting way to go. They would take quite a bit of rules tweaking though, wouldn't they?

DeanM said...

Very nice! These are probably my favorite range of figures - the very first 28mm figs I ever acquired/painted. BTW, I plan to someday use my Trojan War figs with a version of Lion Rampant.

captain arjun said...

Thanks, gents.

The minor arcana will be used more or less the same - just 14 cards each suit instead of 13. The major arcana there are many options - maybe each grants a special divine favour or event, and each player randomly draws a few from the deck (or buy with Honour points) to put in his card pool.
One other tweak will be the playing area: tarot cards are larger than poker cards, so the playing area will be 4' x 4' instead of 3' x 3'.

Maybe they were good sculpts back when you bought them, but I believe the moulds have since deteriorated - my figures had poor detail and mould lines. :(
You may want to check Tribal out - it uses fewer figures than LR and has a 'heroic' flavour. :)

DeanM said...

That's a bummer to hear - the only issues I recall were the bow being two thin, but yours look sturdy enough.