Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Men Who Would Be Kings

My free copy of TMWWBK arrived in my mailbox last week. As with the other books in the series, the pages are filled with nice artwork and miniatures.

This is the fourth free Osprey book I received play-testing for Dan Mersey, and the fifth Osprey wargame I had the privilege to contribute to.

Colonials aren't exactly my period, although I do have both sides of the Indian Mutiny in 15mm. However, after watching The Siege of Jadotville earlier this month, I am wondering if the rules can be used for a "bush war" type of conflict...


SteveHolmes11 said...

Colonials aren't my chosen period either.
Probably influenced by visits to shows and watching lines of drilled riflemen mow down wave after wave of plucky natives.
Plenty of movement (and dying) on one side, and static shooting on the other.
The options appeared very limited, even if the tables were turned with the slim Boer picking off close formed lines of stoic Tommies.

What seemed lacking were scenarios that asked tactical questions of both sides.

Dan Mersey has a great record for taking a limited scenario, and stirring the mix enough to produce a fascinating game.
Ospreys: Dux Bellorum (Dark age) and Lion Rampant both provide challenges with relatively small armies.

I have every hope that these rules will make for interesting colonial scenarios.

Clint said...

I should be playing this at te club tomorrow. I hope its nice and easy and a pleasure to read as Lion/Dragon Rampart was.