Monday, June 11, 2018

Another D&D Epic session

I played in another "epic" D&D session yesterday, my third Adventurers League game.

As with the other epic sessions, the format involves multiple tables of players undertaking different quests, all related to a story line, with the outcomes of each table affecting what happens at the other tables and also the outcome of the whole quest.

There were a couple of things that was different this time though. The players at the lower tier tables had a choice of quests to go from - a menu of seven quests, each with a different emphasis (combat, exploration, or social/role-playing), from which they would pick three to tackle, in the order of their choosing, with the aim of collecting ingredients to create a potion to cure a zombie plague.

Meanwhile, the highest tier table had to take the fight to the necromancer who is the cause of the plague. Unfortunately, despite the valiant efforts of the less experienced adventurer's they failed in their quest, and the over all quest as a failure.

Despite that, I had fun, and was impressed by the creativity in the format of the session. The people at WOTC must really have faith in their customers, as one subquest required the players to role-play NPCs, something which is not normally done.

My character gained quite a lot of XPs this session, but is still at level 3, which I am rather comfortable in.

Next weekend will see me behind the GM screen, as I run my Savage Worlds space opera scenario (for the fourth time!).

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