Thursday, July 19, 2018

Terrinoth #1.5 - The Party

At the suggestion of a fellow GM, I have added this post to introduce readers to the PCs in the campaign.

The A Team

  • Entana Venier, Human Wizard
Entana Vernier's father expected him to take over the family's lucrative textile business, but instead he chose to enter the University of Greyhaven to study magic. Having completed his Bachelor degree, he must now travel through the lands to gain practical knowledge in the application of magic before he can complete his Masters.

  •  Gio Gerbo, Gnome Rogue
An entertainer with his family troupe of Wandering Gnomes, Gio's dreams of becoming a famous performer known throughout Terrinoth was cut short when his brother killed the son of a nobleman in a botched throwing-knife stunt. Unable to pay the wergild of 1,500 gps, Gio's family went into indentured servitude.

Desperate to make enough money to ransom his family, Gio turned to crime and joined a gang in the city of Tamalir. He was caught red-handed by Strigoi while trying to pick the pocket of Entana, and in return for them not turning him to the city authorities, Gio agreed to join Entana on his adventures.

  • Strigoi, Orc Fighter
A Stone-Dweller Orc, Strigoi used to lead a mercenary band that found regular employment "pacifying" dragon hybrid settlements in Terrinoth. But after an attack on a dragon hybrid village got out of hand and women and children were killed, Strigoi fell out with his band and went into the bodyguard business.

Originally hired by Entana's father to protect the young wizard, Strigoi left the party to pursue a foe from his old band after the latter had attacked the party, and rejoined the party several months later after vanquishing the foe.

  • Persephone 'Percy' Hazard, Human Warlock
The daughter of a dispossessed knight, Percy believes herself to be chosen by the god Kellos to act on his behalf in Terrinoth.

The B Team

  • Therion Lakemane, Human Bard
Former advocate and the disowned son of a nobleman, Therion Lakemane was exiled from Lorimor for malpractice.

Leaving behind his family wealth but not his love for a lavish lifestyle, fine food, silken beds and voluptuous maidens, he soon became deep in debt. But with typical Lakemane resourcefulness, he has decided to turn his experiences of the high life into a business opportunity, and opened "Lakemane's Luxuries, Purveyor of Fine Goods for Discerning Ladies and Gentlemen" in Tamalir.

After he saved the life of the young Count of Pfalzenstein, Therion was made the nobleman's steward.

  • Orglath'Kul, Dragon Hybrid Barbarian
As a dragon hybrid, Orglath spent most of his life on the edges of society, but he dreams of the day when he and his kind can be accepted by the other races. Once a pit-fighter in Tamalir, he joined the party briefly, before an injury forced him to go on a prolonged convalescence at the Temple of Kellos in Dawnsmoor.

  • Giso Meyer, Human Cleric of Kellos
The orphaned son of farmers, Giso turned to crime as a youngster, but was taken in by Johannes, a Knight of Kellos, and initiated as an acolyte to the Order in Vynelvale. Disenchanted with the ceremonial and dogmatic interpretation of the faith by the establishment, Giso left the city to discover and achieve greater understanding of his faith, which he doubts can be found within the confines of the cathedral.

  • Tom Kellosson, Human Monk of Kellos

  • A'bomb'we, Orc Druid
A spiritspeaker from the Mok'thul Urak of the Broken Plains, A'bomb'we has been given a vision which led him to Terrinoth.

  • Whisper Blackmane, Lowborn Elf Darnati Warrior Monk
The daughter of Eolams, Whisper retreated to the Darnati monasteries after losing an important political battle in the Elven Courts, where she trained and sought enlightenment. Now, she has been sent into the world to experience it anew with fresh eyes.

  • Risvir Tellir, Deep Elf Wanderer

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