Monday, December 31, 2018

Everything I painted this year

28mm Sci-fi

28mm Fantasy


Phil Curran said...

I didn't paint more than two figures this year, so well done on doing more than that. I like what you've done although I'm a little confused as to what the blue tentacled thing is. I like the Russian 54mm Orc, I have the same one for an ogre stand in for Mordheim.
A very good 2019 to you...

captain arjun said...

Hi Phil,

The tentacled monster is a scratch-built froghemoth for my Gamme World game; it's the boss monster in the module Expedition to the Barrier Peaks.

I made it out of a toy frog and a toy octopus. :)

fatgoblin said...

Pretty good run! Shift from wargaming to RPG GM is evident with more monsters!