Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Mad Robot Minaitures Sci-fi Cavalry

I finished painting this 5-Horse squad which I bought from Mad Robot Miniatures over the weekend. They round up my WW1 themed sci-fi force, which I will be using to playtest a set of rules by a well-known author that will probably be published in the future.

The great thing about this squad is that Mad Robot Miniatures allows you to customise the figures, so you get to choose from dozens of heads and torsos, and also three variants for the horses' heads.

I painted these in the same scheme as the rest of the force, and also decided to apply the decals which I got from Dom's Decals to the helmets. The resolution on these are really fine, as you can see from the photo below.

I also applied the decals to the rest of the force: the larger ones on the shoulder pads of the infantrymen, and the smaller ones on the weapon crews' helmets.

With the cavalry unit done, I now consider this force complete. Question now is what to do with the 40 Bauhaus infantry figures I still have lying around...


Nelson said...

Hello mate,

Nice bit of painting!

I hope you don't mind me intruding like this, but I am on the blag. I was reading an old topic over at Lead Adventure & noticed you posted about a solo SOBAH (Song of Blades & Heroes) system you'd set up, I think the campaign was called Song of Drar & Murin?

I read in your posts that you had AI/Event/Scenario cards driving the enemy activation; is there any chance you can share these, please?

I would sincerely appreciate it!


(Badly disguised l33tsp34k email follows...)


captain arjun said...

Hi Nelson,

Thanks for your interest - I have emailed the cards to your email above: do check your spam folder if you do not see them, and if it is not there let me know here and I will try again.