Friday, August 23, 2019

West Wind Arthurian Pedyts

The West Wind "War & Empire" Dark Ages kickstarter I backed last year delivered earlier this month, and I managed to get my share of the figures painted up over the past few weeks.

I got two packs of the Arthurian pedyts, which I planned to paint as Gothic foot for wahj's Late Imperial Roman army. Two packs gave me 50 figures, but as one of the command figures in each pack had a helmet which I thought looked out of place, that gave me 48 figures, or 24 to each deep unit.

Fortunately, the kickstarter also came with several command figures (most of which are mounted) representing famous historical generals and leaders. I took their Arthur and (I think) Aetius, and used them to fill out my units.

As usual I based them in 4 x DBX bases, and I painted them in two different schemes to represent two deep units. There are fewer than the "official" 32 figures per deep unit, but given the heft of the figures and the way they are ranked, it's easy to recognise them as "heavy" foot units.

Once again I tried to do the flocking to match the playing mat we use, by making clumps of rocks from cork bits and gravel placed near the edges of the base.

Clumps of foliage from the tufts which I bought also helped with the effect.

I am very impressed with the figures, especially the 'Arthur' figure, which I thought was peak Angus McBride.

(image from Osprey)

These units will see service in our Roman-Sassanid campaign, hopefully in the near future.

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SteveHolmes11 said...

Those look excellent.

It's difficult to imagine packing another 8 figures onto each of those stands.
24 looks sufficiently imposing.

The mounted leader on a mass base also looks really good.
I've tried this in 6mm - but never considered it for larger scales.