Monday, March 09, 2020

Some Fantasy figures I painted

My self-imposed social isolation has given me time to do some painting, and here are some figures that I painted up over the past couple of weekends.

From left to right, we have:

A Northstar Frostgrave female wizard. I have given her a 'peasant' look instead of a 'wizard' look as I wanted to use her as the default Mama Clay figure - it's now a running gag that all old-woman-NPCs in my campaigns are called Mama Clay and they all have the same voice and may in fact be related to each other.

The 'Expedition Pack Mule' from an old Citadel starter set. My brothers and I have owned this figure for literally decades, but have never actually painted it. With an old school dungeoncrawl campaign in the plans, I decided to finally get it painted.

A lantern-bearer/porter, made from Northstar Frostgrave soldiers set. When you run an old school dungeoncrawl, you need some henchmen: someone to hold the lantern while your party fights the monsters, and to help you haul all that gold (read XPs) back to town. I made this figure using parts from the Frostgrave Soldiers set, loading him with a large backpack, rope, extra arrows, and added a bamboo toothpick cut to 10' length in scale.

A generic swordsman from the Northstar Frostgrave soldiers set. The head may have come from a different (Gripping Beast?) set, but I made this figure for a PC I was planning to play. I wanted to name him Bojack Horseman and paint his clothes in the same colour scheme, but did not see it through. Now clad in green and holding a green shield with a white horse motif, he can be a Kai Lord, a Rohirrim foot soldier, or a mercenary/caravan guard type.

An undead dog from Fireforge Games' Living Dead Knights set in their Forgotten World range. I backed their Kickstarter, and was very disappointed by the quality of their resin pieces, and their so-called customer service. Suffice to say that I will never buy anything from them ever again.

The reverse view to show the amount of gear that the henchman and mule are packing. The 'floor' in the photos is a page from Loke BattleMats' The Dungeon Battle Mat Book Set - it blends nicely with the backdrop.

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