Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Fireforge Necromancer and Crippled God Foundry Skeleton Warriors

Here are some more resin figures from the kickstarters that I backed: the necromancer from Fireforge Games, flanked by two skeleton warriors from Crippled God Foundry.

I painted the necromancer in yellow instead of the "traditional" purple on the advice from FG's , who suggested that I painted it after Zagor, the Warlock of Firetop Mountain. I am quite happy with the effect, and when it came time to paint the skeleton warriors, I thought I would make yellow my new undead colour.

All the three figures are resin, but a view of the rear of the figures reveals the poor resolution of the Fireforge casting compared to that of Crippled God Foundry; it's a shame, as I like the design of the necromancer figure.

For the skeleton swordsman's shield I wanted to give the effect of paint peeling off the wooden shield. I did this by dabbing white paint onto the surface, and then applying a yellow wash to it.

The large surface of the axehead on the skeleton axeman model allowed me to do some heavy weathering on it.

Hopefully these figures will see some action in one of my RPG campaigns in the future.

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