Saturday, June 25, 2011

Aren't you a little short for a dwarf?

'Civilian' figures are always a little harder to find than 'combatant' figures, but when a range has a unique scale and proportion, finding 'civilian' figures that will match the bulk of your force can be even more difficult.

I like the dwarves from the GW LOTR range, but I haven't had much luck finding dwarf figures that are compatible with them.

But I keep trying.

The latest addition to the collection is a 'Shireling' from Red Box Games, which I thought looked the part of a dwarf 'civilian'. Unfortunately you can see that while it can still pass as a wizened old dwarf next to the LOTR figure, it is decidedly dwarfed by the Reaper female dwarf, which can pass as a plus-size female next to the LOTR dwarf...

Well, such is life. I'll just have to keep watching for new stuff to be released...

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Rodger said...

She is rather a big girl!