Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hasslefree and LOTR Dwarf Comparison and Rethinking Strandhogg

The Hasslefree dwarves I ordered arrived today. You can see one of them posed beside an LOTR dwarf warrior below:

The height and torso-to-leg proportion are similar, but the Hasslefree dwarf has bigger face and hands, and a bigger pot-belly. Most importantly, their armour is in Norman style as opposed to the earlier style of the other dwarves - but since I am using these as Thane figures, I guess it's OK.


Last night I realised that if I combined the command system in Strandhogg with the combat system from Warhammer it will mean that two types of dice will be needed during the game, which can slow things down a little (on top of the card-flipping).

After some thought I decided I will instead keep the current combat system, converting the WS stat in Warhammer into the base Melee score in Strandhogg, and break the melee resolution into two die-rolls instead of one. This means that the combatants will still roll 1d10 + Melee score + Modifiers and compare their scores, with the figure scoring higher winning the melee; however, instead of using the difference between the scores to determine the result, I will use a saving throw using the loser's Defence rating instead - this makes the process analogous to the missile resolution (one roll to hit, one roll to save), and allows the weapons to have different effects (e.g. a two-handed axe gives a -2 to save, but the wielder cannot hold a shield, so there is an element of trade-off there). In the event where the loser of a melee makes the save, he is pushed back 1", just as in the current system.

I hope to give it a try soon.

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