Saturday, June 11, 2011

These are the droids I am looking for

I picked up the Star Wars miniatures I ordered from Noble Knight Games from the post office during lunchtime.

Here you can see the battle droids posed alongside my Space Marines. The droids are a little taller than the Marine, but as the fluff has then at 1.9m tall, and they are skinny, they look quite all right (yes, I know by fluff the Space Marine is 2.5m tall...). These droids are numbered #28 and #30 in the Star Wars system; there are many more poses available, but I picked these two because they have the same colour as the other droids I decided to include in my army.

This is the combat droid, which I plan to stat as a platoon support weapon droid. Presumably the prominent antennae allow them to communicate with the frontline troops so they can direct their fire. I like their drum-like 'torso', which gives the impression that they are packed with fuel to power their blaster cannons.

Finally, we have the Huge Crab Droid, which I ordered by mistake - I actually wanted the smaller crab droid as a close-combat droid, but ordered this one instead. As you can see it *is* huge and looks like it can crush a Space Marine with a single blow. Its base is actually hard, rigid plastic, unlike the bases of the other two droid types, which are soft plastic - at this size a softer plastic will probably warp too much. I will probably keep one or two of these guys for myself and stat them up as heavy assault vehicles and pass the rest to someone else.

On the way to the post office I also picked up a box of these 'gems' from a nail art shop for S$3.90.

I figured I need a way to distinguish the squads for the droids, and thought these would do the trick. I plan to use the red, pink, and dark red gems for the squads from one platoon, and the blue, light blue and green gems for the other one.

The rest of the army will probably arrive over the next couple of weeks as I ordered them from a number of sellers. I'll post pictures of the 'normal' sized crab droid when they arrive.

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