Monday, February 27, 2012

Dystopian Fleets QRS

To make our games play faster, I decide to create a quick reference sheet for ourselves.

The basic layout was easy, and the "Algerian" font gave a nice VSF look to the headers.

I was planning to print them on faux parchment paper, but then the idea occurred to me to print them on paper that already has some VSF themed graphics printed on them.

A quick google provided a few possibilities (tip: search "steampunk" instead of "VSF"), but those with too much artwork or too thick a border would obscure the tables or require me to shrink them, and so were abandoned.

I eventually picked one with faint artwork, but the original background colour was a yellow that was a little too bright. I loaded the picture into my photo-editing programme and "sepia-ed" it, printed it out, then printed my table over it (OK, I had to do it twice because I printed on the wrong side...), and this is the result.

Unfortunately I couldn't get my printer to do borderless printing, but all the tables are legible, and the background is atmospheric enough. If I can find more graphics, perhaps I can have a unique QRS for each player?


Anonymous said...

what they do is to print with borders than cut the margins off

Sean said...

That looks really good.

captain arjun said...

Cut the margins off? That's so... low tech...