Friday, February 24, 2012

Levee en papier

I had the idea that I wanted to playtest the tactical rules for our Peninsular campaign over this weekend, but since I only have French troops, I thought I would use counters instead.

Now I *could* just use pieces of card with military symbols and numbers on them, but since I just bought myself a new laser colour printer, I thought I would indulge a little...

After some searching online, I managed to find the fine top-down counters from the Junior General Home Page. I've known about the site for a while now, but it's only today that I realised that they have top-down figures - I forsee myself being a frequent visitor from now on.

With a bit of cut-and-paste and my rudimentary word-processing knowledge, I managed to make a set of counters with check-off stats for a two-corps fight. A bit of glue and knife-work and I should be ready to play.

Look out for the battle report here.


Sean said...

Well done. I need to get my rear in gear and do the same for my Rally Round the King Campaign. I've been sitting on downloaded material for too long.

Rodger said...

Now that is thinking! I will look out for the report.

captain arjun said...

Glad you guys like the look.

It's actually made possible because HP now has a cheap colour laser printer - currently the world's smallest - called the LaserJet Pro CP1025.

It's slow and can't handle huge volumes per day (no more than 850 pages a month...), but is good enough for my purposes.

The cartridges that come with the printer is supposedly good for 500 pages, which means each page costs around 55 cents US.