Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Peninsular thoughts - Allies OOB

The Allies may require a slightly different organisation, with some manoeuvre units represented as a whole division or two 'demi-divisions', giving 4 Divisions (with 8 'brigades'), and the Light Division and the Independent Portuguese Brigade as single units, giving us 134 bases of infantry in 10 'brigades', with two brigades of cavalry each of 10 bases attached to two of the divisions, plus 2 guns per 'line' Division.

To simplify things, I may have.

C-i-C Wellington [4]

1st Div - Spencer [2]

Guards Brigade 13/3
KGL Brigade 13/3
2 Guns

3rd Div - Picton [3]

Mackinnon's Bde 13/2
Colville's Bde 13/2
2 Guns

4th Div - Cole [2]

Kemmis' Bde 13/2
Myers' Bde 13/2
2 Guns

5th Div - Dunlop [2]
Hays' Bde 13/2
Egerton's Bde 13/2
2 Guns

Light Division - Erskine [2]

Light Division 16/3

Independent Portuguese Brigades [2]

Portuguese Bde 16/2

Cavalry Division - detached
de Grey's Bde 10/1
Slade's Bde 10/1

The 'line' Divisions should have 3 or 4 bases of Portuguese troops to reflect the mixed nature of these divisions.

The number [X] behind a commander's name is is command rating, and the numbers for each Bde represents the starting number of bases and the 'flag' or quality rating of the unit.

The Allies start with larger (and thus more powerful) units than the French, and they have units with quality 3, which can make a real difference in combat (I think). I have however given their cavalry a rating of 1.

The French outnumber the Allies at the start of the game, but I will rule that for logistics purposes neither side may have more than 6 Bde of infantry in a node.

At the same time the French will have a movement of 2 nodes per turn while the Allies will have a movement of 3, which means the French cannot hope to win without at least fighting some rearguard actions. In addition, I will allow an Allies unit that has not moved its full 3 nodes to move an additional node after a battle if it wins, allowing them to catch a nearby French Corps if the rearguard failed to delay it.

Finally, I think the format of the game now lends itself well to a two-sided game with 2 players per side, which is what we have.

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