Monday, February 20, 2012

Making a splash

One of the nice things about naval wargaming is - let's face it - the chance to use splash markers.

While we are thinking of the really cool ones from Litko, I nonetheless decided to try my hand at making some after reading a post on TMP - it just so happened that I recently recaulked my bathroom sink and had a tube of white silicone sealant which was going to just dry up in its tube anyway...

On the way home I dropped by a general store and bought myself two packs of flat-headed screws. Once I got home, the clear plastic front of the packaging is kept aside for potential basing material, and the screws are glued to the cardboard backing itself - talking about being environmentally friendly!

After letting the glue dry, I squeezed the sealant over the screws and shaped them into plumes of water... as much as I could, anyway.

As you can see from the end result it's pretty... irregular. The few taller ones on the right actually have a second 'layer' of sealant added on top of them to achieve the height. The sealant is sticky fresh, but dries soon, allowing more sealant to be 'piled' on top.

The will probably need some final touching up to ensure all the metal is covered, but so far it's been a cheap and quick way of getting some splash markers done... even if it gets a little messy.

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