Sunday, March 04, 2012

Beastman Warchief feat. Devlan Mud

My beastmen force has been sitting on my painting tray for quite a while now, and after the arrival of yet another beastman model (from Reaper) and with planned purchases taking advantage of the Chronopia sale, I resolved to complete at least one model today.

I decided to complete the Avatars of War Besatman Warchief first - he has, after all been the model that inspired this little project.

I knew I needed an easy way to paint the beastmen since I will have a couple dozen of them to go through before I have enough for a game, so I chose to base the entire paint scheme on half a dozen colours straight from the bottle (i.e. no mixing my own hues). Now the earth tone can mean the figures will look rather dull, so I decided to give them white snouts and eyelids like Bighorn Sheep.

And to add depth to an otherwise plain base, I used GW's Devlan Mud (pretty much how some singers 'feature' a rapper in their number, hence the title of the post...).

You can see the results before...

 and after.

Like I said the figure is still too plain, so I will need to spice things up with some work on the base. I bought some resin bases just for this purpose, so hopefully I can be posting pictures of the completed figure by next weekend.

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