Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fun with Colour Printer

OK, so I've been playing with my printer more than I have been painting, but it's all for gaming purposes, I swear...

I bought some card and printed out the Age of Blood Fate Cards made by Sean. Most of the events translate to Strandhogg mechanics easily - 30 out of the 36 are usable. Unfortunately the cards did not come with 'colour lock' technology. If I do this again I will probably just print them on paper and put them into sleeves.

I think I will let each player start with two cards, and each time your opponent uses a card, you may draw one from the deck.

I also printed out a gradient colour backdrop to photograph my minis with.

Since I haven't completed the bestman standard-bearer yet, I used Pumpkin Nagg, my Blood Bowl Star Player, as the model.


Sean said...

I'm glad you found a use for the cards. I'm not sure what "color lock" is, if it's something on my end please let me know so I can improve it. Your gradient background also came out pretty well. Amazing how simple things can make a big difference in photography.

captain arjun said...

Thanks, Sean - I've been eyeing those cards for a while now. :)

Colour lock is some sort of treatment to the paper to prevent the toner from flaking off, I believe - no fault on your end.

Rodger said...

The cards look great. Excellent idea. Love the background too. I might have to copy that one!

nisha singla said...

This is cool. I had thought about some sort of "dopant" injection system with maybe a hypodermic needle going into the center of the plastic stream Colour Printer

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