Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daachuch the Broken

It took me many evenings, but he's done.

This is a resin model from Maelstrom's BaneLegions line. The material allows them to cast very thin parts - the head and the horns are actually a single piece.

I replaced the banner that came with the model with one from the GW Beastmen box set - the original one looks like it's stiched together from skin... Some of the models in the line (and other "premium, not-GW" lines these days) can look a bit gory, with what sores, open wounds and weapons stitched to stumps... and I want to reduce that here.

For the emblem on the flag I decided to use the symbol on his belly-armour (which is also on his shield), which also appears on some of the other figures in the Bane Legion line - I'm not sure what the fluff behind it is but it looks good and is easy to reproduce.

Here he is posing beside his boss, the Beastman Warchief from the Avatars of War line. I don't get why they feel the need to put so many skulls on the models. The beastmen must really hate us...


Sean said...

Very nice figures and paintjob.

Anonymous said...

looks good! the banner is really neat! better than I could have done

captain arjun said...

Haha, I cheated by sketching the pattern on to the surface first, then painting the red, then covering the mistakes and exposed pencil marks with the brown base and then beige topcoat again.

As usual with my painting, if it looks good in a photo it probably looks bad in real life.

And I guess the gradient background helps too. :)