Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sit, boy!

Halfway through work this morning I was seized by a desire to own a 28mm scaled ceratopsian dinosaur model, perhaps suitably modelled with a fighting platform or howdah upon its back.

A visit to the mall near my place after work yielded this little guy, which is just the right size. Unfortunately I came in a big bag with several other ugly and out-of-scale dinos, which meant it didn't come at a bargain price. Still, a dino in hand is better than making a trip to another place to look for a toy that may not be there...

It's made of some sort of soft rubber or plastic and smelled quite strongly of solvent, but after a bath and some deflashing of the mould lines, it is ready for further work.

With the horns on its frill covering the front half of its torso, it means having a mahout sitting astride its neck is not an option - I'll have to think about how to control the creature. It also makes mounting a howdah or a platform on its back difficult, so I will probably fashion some sort of caparison and mount the goblin crew from the Chronopia goblin myrmadon set I ordered on it, while the myrmadon will await some other crew... (I don't know why I keep doing this sort of thing.)

One that is settled I will have to decide what colour to paint it. I'm not sure I want to go for the modern brightly-coloured interpretation, which may not work well on a wargaming model. Well, more googling then...

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