Friday, April 27, 2012

Skull piles

I don't know what they are called officially, but that's what we call them here...

The dwarf-themed one on the left was rather easy to make. I took a 1" metal disc and glued my usual "spice mix" of sand and fine gravel to the top and side. When it dried I spray-primed it black, and when the primer dried I placed chopped up pieces of the dwarven barricade from GW's Skull Pass set, leaning the stone pillar against a piece of cork, and then half of a warhammer (a metal bit from some figure I must have cut off - can't remember which...) and the handle-half of a weapon cut from the plastic beastmen sprue. When everything dried, it was another coat of spray-primer and then a quick paint-job, followed by some tufts of flock.

These are rather cheap and quick to make, and offer a break between colours when painting by the production-line method. They don't take up much space to store, and can add some character to the tabletop. I think I'll be making more of these as I come across suitable bits.


fatgoblin said...

thats a nice looking hammer. I wish more minis had sensible hammers rather than the mallets that WHFB empire generals love.

think it came from a hasslefree gnoll you de-weapon-ed for bloodbowl

captain arjun said...

It did!

I'm surprised you can remember.