Saturday, April 21, 2012

WOTR project update

Ten months and many other concurrent projects later, this is what I've got:

The first shot is taken using my usual 50mm prime lens, which is equivalent of a 80mm lens. This shot is taken from the end of the table, about six feet away.

I've arranged them in blocks for photography, although they will be used as mixed units in my Strandhogg skirmish games. As I mentioned before, they share the same colours as the state of Nordland in Warhammer's (The) Empire; I've got here enough figures for a general on foot, a priest, and mage, a unit of 10 fully-armoured men-at-arms with polearms (Great Swords), a 20-man unit of halberdiers with leader, standard and musician, 12 archers (which may be fielded as a unit or as attachments, and an artillery piece and crew.

They are a long way from a full WHFB army, especially with the large number of figures I read are favoured in the latest incarnation of the rules. I have been looking at Kings of War though. With my planned purchase of the Perry mounted men-at-arms box I can add one or two units of knights, a mounted general and an army standard-bearer. Add a box of Perry mercenaries and I can have 10 crossbowmen, 10 handgunners, and another unit of 20 foot which I may or may not arm as pikemen - I hear swordsmen are pretty cool, so maybe an arms-swop using Warhammer bits is possible? Last but not least, a box of ECW cavalry from Warlord Games will provide some light cavalry in the shape of Pistoliers... Well, one can dream.

The next few shots are taken with a wide (10 ~ 22mm) lens a friend lent me. These are taken with the lens literally a couple of inches in front of the subject, and they have a very different perspective which I quite like.

The lord's household.

Friar Tuck, Sir John Savage, and Maid Marian from Trent Miniatures, with the billmen to the left.

Perry WOTR breech-loading field piece. Although artillery men were mostly "civilians", I chose to paint them in the same livery, giving them red hoses and inner shirts to reinforce the uniformity and to mark their "elite" status. Plus red goes well with yellow and blue. If I decide to expand the army then more artillery and perhaps an organ gun will be a quick way to make up the points

Archers are visible on the other hill.

Finally, a shot of the beastmen who are partly responsible for my slowness. Here are all the Gors I have painted so far - to Ungors are waiting for their bow-arms. Unlike the WOTR figures I have no desire to expand these into a full army - they will remain a skirmish warband of 19 figures, supplemented perhaps occasionally by any nice beastmen figure I may come across. 

With these figures done, I am down to six casualty figures and 15 mounted figures for WOTR, and six Ungors and a Beastlord for the beastmen.

I wonder if it will take me another ten months...

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