Friday, May 09, 2014

Achtung! Chain of Command

Over the past couple of weeks the gang and I decided we will get into WW2 wargaming again; wahj has a dozen 1/72 T-34s of various makes, and Martin has Brits and Americans infantry and armour, so it was a matter of getting some Germans and Soviet infantry. That decided the scale.

For the rules I decided to try the Chain of Command rules from Too Fat Lardies; I have read good reviews of the rules and after reading them through I think I will enjoy them.

So I ordered some hard plastic German infantry and support weapons which I plan to sort, assemble, and the send off to a painter. They have not yet arrived so I busied myself with terrain-making, which is after all what makes a WW2 game look like a WW2 game.

Here are the results of this week's work.

The watchtower and the sentry box are from two Fujimi kits, while the barrier is made from parts from one of the Fujimi kits plus some styrene rods and strips I had - the original barrier was too short and I needed something longer than 2" long to span the roads I also ordered. I decided that painting the sentry box in that black-white-and-red chevron pattern is beyond my skills and opted for an unpainted look.

The two area terrain pieces are made from the Pegasus barb wire set. The larger enclosed area measures 6" x 6" and represents a minefield in CoC rules, while the smaller one measures 6" x 2" and represents a barb wire obstacle. The posts actually come longer/taller than that which is shown in the picture. They have 3 hooks along their length and I cut them down to 2 for the minefield and 1 for the obstacle, which depicts just the entanglement part of a full wire obstacle.

Klaus checks the guard duty roster for the week.

Minen! sign, which - let's face it - is half the fun of modeling a minefield.

Detail of the Pegasus barb wire and a sprig of tree moss.
Since I have decided to outsource the painting of the figures to a painting service, I hope I can devote more time to making small terrain accents in the weeks before we are ready to play.


Rodger said...

Very nice work! I enjoy making the extras for a bit of a change!

Stephen Holmes said...

WW2 is certainly terrain intensive, and it's nice to see something aside form the usual hills and trees. The German checkpoint is a necessary piece of almost every war film, so should form a good objective.

Chain of command also seems the Lardies biggest project at present. I visited their site looking for Dux Brittaniorum extras, and found Chain of command dominating the announcements.

Good luck in facing down a dozen T34s. Quantity has a quality of its own - or something.

Phil said...

Excellent pieces of terrain, great work!

captain arjun said...

Thank you, gents.

Simon Quinton said...

Looks fantastic!