Monday, May 26, 2014

Whacked Pak

Remember this photo?

Well, here's the result of my attempt to replicate it:

PSC gives you empty shell casings in the set, which really helps with the atmosphere.

And here's the view of the whole destroyed gun.

The availability of cheap plastic kits aimed mainly at wargamers makes creating wrecked vehicles and guns as terrain pieces affordable. PSC is planning to release German trucks, so I hope to do the same thing with one. Problem is, you actually need a detailed kit if you want to reproduce a wrecked truck, because it's when a truck is blown up that you can really see the innards and axles and all the other bits which you hate having to glue together for your wargaming pieces. Take a look at this:


See what I mean? Now you know why they made the tyres separate from the wheels in Tamiya kits!

Anyway, if you do come across a photo of a destroyed Opel Blitz or similar which looks like it can be reproduced in 20mm, please send it my way. Thanks.


Stephen Holmes said...

This fellow's a little burned out, but most of the body is intact. I think it is a good template for a destroyed truck which can be made form a cheap model

captain arjun said...

That looks like it can be done.
Depending on the kit, I may have to bend a few wires to make the frame for the canopy, but much of the look will be down to spray-painting black patches to simulate the soot.


Phil said...

Excellent work, so realistic!