Tuesday, May 13, 2014

More CoC Terrain

Work on terrain bits continue...

Klaus strolls between two camouflaged Fujimi pillboxes.
I'm not sure why I built those as the CoC rules don't cover them; they came in the box so I thought I might as well just do them up.

Klaus walks behind a log pile.
I made this from a twig I picked up. It provides enough cover for a team of infantry.

A US minefield
I also decided to make another minefield, and this time I thought I would mark it as a US minefield. As I can't find an image of what a US minefield sign looks like, I decided to create one based on a iconic US sign...


Ubique Matt said...

Great looking models Arjun, very nicely done.

Stephen Holmes said...

Mine marker here http://www.esnarf.com/4301.jpg

(How many teeth does that skull have?)

But it lacks the touch of class of your custom made version.