Sunday, May 15, 2011

FPW Game 2

We managed to get the second game of the FPW campaign done after a break of more than 2 months - this is why I design my campaigns to be short.

The battlefield in this game was a standard one, which meant wahj did not have the advantage of a river to slow Martin's forces down.

Martin had thrown 2 infantry and a cavalry division into this game, abandoning the planned third game to wahj, which gave him a vast numerical advantage here. His good die-rolls during the terrain placement phase also gave him a clear corridor down one flank.

wahj tried to overcome this by placing wooded hills where he could conceal his forces, and which will screen them from Prussian artillery when they withdraw.

The Prussians came down the clear axis as expected. At this point only two French batteries are visible.

The Hussars charge towards the guns. As the Prussians mass, two French regiments on a wooded hill reveal themselves and begin to engage them in a firefight.

The Hussars drive the artillery into the village, and are in turn pushed back by the infantry deployed there. Meanwhile, the Prussians deploy the guns and begin to bombard the French infantry as their own infantry deploy.

A brigade of Prussians march past the French on the hill and move towards the village. The French Chasseurs and Mitrailleuse in the middle of the battlefield are ineffective at causing casualties on them. In the background you can see the other division of the Prussian Corps bearing down on the French infantry holding the other flank.

In the end the regiments on both hills were eliminated by Prussian firepower, but the French managed to extricate the bulk of their guns and some of their infantry.

The Prussians managed to drive the French off the table in just 40 on the clock, which means they will arrive at the final game on time.

The French suffered heavy losses in this game, but the Prussian strategy of abandoning one of the tables means that the French forces deployed there will now enter the final game intact. More importantly perhaps the Prussians will now have only two points of entry on the final battlefield, which at 9 grids x 6 means they will spend a lot of time getting into position.

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