Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gamezone Troll

After rounding up my LOTR Goblin force with some warg riders I decided they MUST have a troll in their ranks. The first thought was of course one of the many GW LOTR troll figures, but these were expensive and none fit the exact look I wanted.

Trolls from the other lines were generally too cartoony, which doesn't fit in with the look of my goblins and dwarves.

It became clear pretty soon that the best choice would be one of Gamezone's trolls, and I settled on this one:

I like the dynamic pose of the figure and its primitive look. I would have preferred that it held something other than a wagon wheel in one hand, but one of the other options held half a horse (yes, you read that right), and the other was hunching and spewing something out of its mouth, presumably emulating a Warhammer troll doing its "vomit attack".

It was a relatively clean model, but a little difficult to put together. The figure came in four parts: upper torso with head and arms, lower torso, left hand holding stone axe, and right hand holding wagon wheel. Needless to say I had to deal with breakages a few times during the process.

The figure looked a little daunting to paint, but in the end it responded well to a block-wash-highlight approach.

You can see the size of the model posed with a LOTR dwarf king below.

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