Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Have you herd the call of the wild?

I'm losing a bit of momentum, and frankly the Ungors are a bit harder to do than the Gors... but here they are anyway.

These are the heads and the bodies of the older edition Ungors (don't ask me which edition) with the arms of the current edition - the older ones came only with spears.

As you can see there are quite a few poses and variants of bows. The Ungors seem to have personalised their bows; even the arrows are not identical.

With them done, I can now field a force of two warbands for Strandhogg.

The Gors will be good fighters, but the lack of armour will probably cost the beastmen. I'm planning to get a minotaur for the force when the one I want gets released. In the meantime, I had better get the WOTR casualties done before my next delivery (of 64 figures!) arrives.

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