Saturday, May 26, 2012


We just conducted the annual mock exam for a post-graduate diploma that my company offers this afternoon, and I was looking like one of the figures in the picture above until a long hot bath.

Reinvigorated, I managed to finish painting the remainder of the figures in the Perry WOTR 'Dead and Wounded' pack.

I think casualty figures are the wargaming equivalent of peacock feathers - they give the message: I am so resource-ful as a wargamer, I have the money and time to buy and paint non-essential figures.

But mostly they just look cool.

With fg starting work on more zombies for Strandhogg, we are discussing special rules for Undead, which of course must provide for raising dead enemies as zombies. Some of these casualty figures will serve as markers for the positions of fallen combatants, while the wounded ones will probably come in useful for some sort of POW or rescue scenario.

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Rodger said...

Anything that adds to "the look" on the table is a good thing, and these do look good. Great work.