Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mounted and dismounted

It's been a while since I posted - I've been busy with the Perry mounted men-at-arms.

Now one of the fun things about Strandhogg is when a mounted figure is hit, you roll to see if he was hit or if it was his mounted that was hit; if his mount was hit and killed then he can try to jump clear and continue the battle on foot. This means you sort of need a dismounted version of each of your mounted figures.

For the goblin warg riders I simply substituted a goblin warrior with the appropriate weapon; for the mounted men-at-arms I thought we can do better.

The Perry plastic men-at-arms come "multi-pose", which meant I could choose heads and torsos to match those of the (non-multi-pose) metal dismounted men-at-arms I already own.

They are not perfect matches, but I think the idea is there.

I hope to have all the riders completed this week and start work on their mounts next week. This will take a while...


Sean said...

Looks good, especially the last two on the right.

Ubique Matt said...

Very nice looking figures. I've had the same idea and these multipose figures make this far easier to achieve.


captain arjun said...

Thanks, guys.

Matt, I've bought a box of Warlord ECW Cavalry and their Firelock Storming Party (plus some helmeted heads from Wargames Facotory's Spanish Cavalry box set as bits) so I can do the same with my "not Empire pistoliers". I will have a few figures from the Firelock Storming Party left over and I won't be using the two metal command figures - if you want them we can do a trade. :)

Rodger said...

That's a great idea and these guys are looking wonderful. Good work.

Ubique Matt said...

Hi Captain Arjun,
Sorry for the late reply. I have very limited internet access at the moment. Not sure what I could trade, what would you be interested in?


captain arjun said...

Thanks for replying.
We do have some overlap in our periods: I use the Perry WOTR for skirmish and hopefully a "not Empire" army one day. They fight Warhammer beastmen, skavens, and LOTR dwarves and Moria goblins.

If you are not using them, I could do with the bucklers that come in the Mercenaries box.

I've also got some Space Marines apinted in Dark Angel green, although I am not looking to expand that force unless you have some interesting command/support figure? I field a mix of sci-fi female figures as a scout squad too.

I reckon I can trade the 2 metal comand figures and 8 of the plastic musketeer sprues, and even 4 of the ECW cavalry if you are looking to expand your mounted force.

I'll take bits for terrain and basing too, even things which are not bespoke wargaming stuff - local tourist souvenirs and knick-knacks, even - some of my previous trades involved foodstuff and cheesy tourist buys. :)

If you have nothing on hand, I'll just pass you the stuff and we'll see if you come across anything you would like to split later. No rush.

What rules do you use for ECW, byt the way?

Ubique Matt said...

Hi again captain arjun,

Can you send me your contact details to:

I think I may be able to give/make you something in return for the figures.