Tuesday, November 27, 2012

15mm Attalid Pergamene WIP 1

I finally got the 15mm Xyston figures primed yesterday, and made good progress on them today.

On the left are two of the three bases of cavalry I need, on a movement tray I made myself.

In the centre are the command bases of the two units of thureophoroi I am planning to paint, again on a movement tray. The iconography on the two flags and the letters on them are taken from Pergamene coins, representing Athena's bow and Asklepios' snake respectively. On the right is the single unit of skirmisher.

That's about one third of the force done in an afternoon. I hope to complete the whole DBA-sized force this week.


Simon Quinton said...

a good start. Look forward to seeing the rest of the force make an appearance

danmer said...

Hello! I really enjoy your blog, and so have awarded you the "Liebster Blog Award". You can read more about it here:


Keep up the good work :-)