Sunday, November 25, 2012

First Game of 40K 6th Edition

It's been a while since we managed to get a game in, but yesterday Thomas and I managed to play a small 1000 pts game of 40K.

The basic rules themselves are rather standard - we played without vehicles or artillery - but I suspect things are more complex once we add vehicles, artillery, and psychic powers,

What I found is that given the fast pace of the game, 40K is really rather unforgiving: if your troops are not shooting/assaulting, they are points you have wasted for that turn. Plasma weapons seem to be over-powered, which leads me to wonder if I should get more of them...

Anyway, here are a few pictures from the game.

The two sides face off along the length of the table.

Blood Angels charge into the the gun line.

My Assault Squad, led by the Chaplain, charge into close combat.


fatgoblin said...

how, fun?
wish I was there!

new trees are nice!

captain arjun said...

Actually pretty basic and standard wargame rules, but then we used all-infantry and kept the game small.

I think I need to know my codex and wargear better though.

Should be fun if we play scenarios rather than straight contests.

Simon Quinton said...

Nice looking table and forces. I'd imagine that scenarios would have much more of an impact on what your units will be doing.