Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dungeon Crawl: The Legend of Drizzt

I was feeling a it lazy this weekend so we decided to play a dungeon crawl boardgame.

Adrian and fg must have a more than a dozen different dungeon crawl games between them, but we decided to try the Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt game.

The game was easy to learn and quite fun, but silly in the way most dungeon crawls are - traveling to his own wedding, fg's character Wulfgar found that his two groomsmen were actually a lizard and an assassin in disguise! The game components are of high production quality, and I think I will be using the tiles which my brother will be passing me as the basis of a solo dungeon crawl campaign.

I haven't quite decided on what system to use for my dungeon crawl project yet, but I think I will use the existing tile plus the reaction system, with the actions of the "monsters" being determined by their proximity to the heroes.

An easy option will be to use my LOTR dwarves and goblins, in a sort of a classic Moria-esque setting, with perhaps s small band of dwarf warriors led by a couple of heroes, versus a horde of goblins controlled by a reaction system. The challenge is how to make the whole process tactically interesting, but I am quite keen to start on this since I already have most of the components needed.


Sean said...

Cool. Two Hour wargames has a good dungeon mechanic in their Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures book and another, more streamlined take in Warrior Heroes: Legends. You can download Chain Reaction 3.0: Swordplay for free if you want to check out their mechanics for reactions etc.

captain arjun said...


I had a look at the rules as you recommended, but I find them too "dice-intensive", as THWs tend to be.

I think I will use a system similar to that used in the current D&D system, which requires no die-rolls and can easily be integrated to Song of Blade and Heroes.

I hope to get everything organised and start playing next week.