Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pleasant Surprise

Soon after I decided to build a Warhammer (The) Empire army I joined the Warhammer Empire Forum (yes, we Empire types have a Teutonic approach to naming things; none of this Round Table, Herdstone, UnderEmpire, etc. frivolity, ja?).

It's a lively forum with many excellent painters and terrain builders, and a place where I go for some inspiration every time I feel I need to recharge my painting mojo.

Anyway, they have this annual minis exchange project called "Pleasant Surprises" where you, upon joining up, are assigned a "giftee". The object then is to cyber-stalk your giftee and find out what he or she might want for a gift.

My giftee was someone who was involved in an online RPG who had once said that he would like a certain Reaper figure to represent his character, so I painted him that figure.

Today was my turn to receive my surprise, and what I got was this:

As you can see, it's the same scheme as mine, so the gifter has done his homework.

I have certainly enjoyed the exchange this year and plan to sign up again next year, and aim for a bigger, more ambitious project than a single figure.

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