Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Odin and his wolves

Painted Odin and his wolves over the weekend - I still haven't decided which is which yet though...

The wolves are from West Wind. They do look rather cartoony, but as fg had some handy they got recruited. I orignally planed to make them rather plain, but on fg's advice decided to stipple their fur a little.

The Odin figure is rather obviously a Gandalf figure, in this case from the Mithril line. I cut his wand off and drilled through his hand and inserted a brass wire for the shaft of Gungnir; the head is from a GW High Elf. Again, it looks rather cartoony, but I couldn't fit a more realistically-sized spearhead securely onto the end of the wire.

Anyway, with these three figures complete I can now field another warband for our OGAM project. I am now working on a Gallows Grove model from Privateer, after which I may start work on an Egyptian faction.


Ubique Matt said...

Lovely paintjob Arjun. They do appear 'cartoony' but a nice addition to your collection.


captain arjun said...

Thanks, Matt.

Simon Quinton said...

They look great.

I know what you mean about there look the new wolves in the EotD range are rather good. But if I already had these I'd of used them as well.

captain arjun said...


I do like the look of the Otherworld Dire Wolves, but I suspect they might be too big for my purposes.